This is the homepage for the The People’s Lobby and Reclaim Chicago’s Fair Elections Task Force. Search for your alderman below!

Just street address, no city or apartment number. Ex. '1629 W Hubbard St’

Names like "O'Connor," numbers like "40," words like "developer," etc.

These link to our reports on Chicago's aldermen. These are not meant to be balanced summaries on the aldermen, but to expose the way that money affects the decisions that aldermen make. You can access them by clicking Wards in the menu at the top.

You can read about us and the Fair Elections Ordinance here.

This new website mapping campaign contributions, along with my website mapping how aldermen vote in the Chicago City Council, will allow citizens to better hold their aldermen accountable and to determine whom they should elect in the 2019 city elections. It is of great benefit to the media, community organizations, and voters.

—UIC Professor and Former Alderman Dick Simpson