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Joe Moreno

Ward 1


Campaign donations since 2015, mapped.

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An establishment politician in progressive’s clothing

Proco Joe Moreno is ultimately beholden to the real estate development and entertainment industries, which you can see in the rapidly gentrifying Wicker Park, Bucktown and Logan Square neighborhoods. [1]

Joe Moreno has served the 1st Ward as alderman since 2010, when he was appointed by Mayor Richard Daley to the City Council. He narrowly won re-election in 2015 by one percentage point. [2] He is his own campaign's top donor. Others include JB Pritzker, The Domain Group LLC, and the PACs of fellow Chicago establishment politicians Susana Mendoza and Michael Madigan. [3]

This is most likely due to his membership on the Committee on Landmarks, Zoning, and Building Standards. [4] There's a lot of new construction going on in the Wicker Park, Bucktown and Logan Square neighborhoods, much of which requires zoning changes from industrial to residential.[5] Since the local alderman has close to complete discretion over those changes, developers are clearly trying to influence Moreno's decisions. [6]

Moreno follows the money, no matter the source. 9% of his total funding comes from property management companies, the highest of any alderman, and 6% comes from property developers, which is more than all but 2 aldermen. When it comes to private donations, it’s all about the big spenders; 74% of his money comes from donations over $500, more than 80 percent of aldermen, and only 3% comes from donations over of $175 or lower, which is less than 90.0 percent of aldermen.[3] So whose interests does Proco Joe really have in mind?

Note: The People's Lobby endorsed Daniel La Spata for the 1st Ward alderman.