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Patrick Daley Thompson

Ward 11


Campaign donations since 2015, mapped.

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Daley to the core

A member of Chicago’s Daley political dynasty, Patrick Daley Thompson is beholden to his and his family’s wealthy donors.[1]

He has continued his family’s legacy of selling out the working class to the ruling class. With Ed Burke in the 14th ward, PDT is a property tax lawyer by day, working to get tax breaks for large corporations while the residents of his ward are starved for resources. [2]

In 2017, a Bridgeport bank lent $80,000 to Daley's 11th Ward Democratic Campaign Committee just before being closed by federal regulator. This led to suspicions from aldermanic challenger, David Milhalfy, of the loan in reality being an unreported gift from the bank. Milhalfy filed an ethics complaint in early December 2018. [3]

Though he will give his constituents some crumbs, PDT primarily uses his political influence to enrich his friends and displace long term residents. [4]