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Chris Taliaferro

Ward 29


Campaign donations since 2015, mapped.

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Progressive reform except on policing

Former Marine and CPD officer Chris Taliaferro is a member of the Progressive Reform Caucus.[1]

He defeated a Rahm Emanuel-backed incumbent to win his seat in 2015.[2] All his donations over $10,000 have come from other politicians, including JB Pritzker, Danny K. Davis and Nicolas Sposato.[3]

Taliaferro and Sposato share the distinction of being progressive on economic issues while being very supportive of Chicago's Police Department, despite the Justice Department's investigation and scathing report on its abuses against civilians.[4] But Taliaferro has cut a more nuanced position, stating that the motivation behind the name of the "Blue Lives Matter" ordinance is "not honorable."[5]