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Carrie Austin

Ward 34


Campaign donations since 2015, mapped.

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What's transparency?

Carrie Austin was appointed to fill a seat vacated by her late husband in 1994 and is a very active alderman, sponsoring large numbers of city ordinances and chairing the Committee on Budget and Government Operations and the Council Office of Financial Analysis Oversight Committee.[1]

Her campaign finance record is rife with misrepresentations of donations; some made under incorrect company names or made to appear as smaller individual donations though they all come from the same organization. Her top four donors in the most recent election are real estate, developer and construction interests. The fifth largest donor is a bar that isn't in her ward and and has no publically available incentive to donate so heavily. She is financed heavily by business interests and takes individual donations in the tens of thousands of dollars to both her committee for alderman and committeeman.[2][3][4]