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James Cappleman

Ward 46


Campaign donations since 2015, mapped.

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Get schooled on Uptown gentrification

In the 7 years James Cappleman has been in office, rent prices have skyrocketed in the 46th ward.[1]

At least 5 out of his top 10 donors are in the real estate sector and he has gleefully taken their money in exchange for permits.[2] He has presided over one of the most egregious attacks on the homeless in city history.[3]

He professes to be a helper in the community, touting his social work credentials, but his words have proven hollow. He has routinely shown callousness toward low income residents, refusing to even consider putting a moratorium on luxury development in his ward despite outcry from local residents.[4]

He has butted heads with community organizations defending the housing rights of low-income residents.[5][6] His interests clearly lie with real estate, not the people of Uptown.[7]

Note: The People's Lobby endorsed Erika Wozniak for 46th ward alderman.