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Milly Santiago

Ward 31


Campaign donations since 2015, mapped.

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Pay-to-play for developers

Elected in 2015, Milly Santiago has sponsored very little legislation in the city council.[1]

More than half of her contributions come from business. Many of these are property developers looking to build in her ward.[2] This includes $5,000 from 4K Diversey Partners, LLC, which bought them the zoning rights to create millions of dollars worth of luxury single bedroom units the community does not want.[3] The 31st ward lies at the edge of Logan Square and is starting to gentrify.[4] Many worry that her working-class Latinx constituents could be displaced if developers determine the future of the neighborhood.[5] She is also supported by state rep Luis Arroyo, whose political committee has donated over $45,000 to her campaign.[2]

Note: Reclaim Chicago and The People's Lobby endorsed Colin Bird-Martinez for 31st Ward alderman.