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Margaret Laurino

Ward 39


Campaign donations since 2015, mapped.

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The last to wear the crown

Margaret Laurino comes from a political family and is married to the former Democratic Party committeeman in her ward.[1]

Her father was charged with fraud before his death and her appointment to the City Council in his place.[2] Most of her money comes from business including contributions from Imperial Realty and Shirley Marx, the owner of a moving company.[3]

As Take Back Chicago put it, Laurino, "Votes with Mayor over 89% of the time. Deaf ear to school closings. Actively opposes legislation that would benefit their constituents. Supports privatization and anti-worker schemes. Works to put public money into private hands."[4]

Alderman Laurino is not running for re-election this year.[5] Her nephew, John D'Amico, is the representative for Illinois House District 15 and is characterized as a machine politician because of his close ties with Michael Madigan.[6]