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Ameya Pawar

Ward 47


Campaign donations since 2015, mapped.

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Pragmatic Progressive

Fulfilling a promise he made when he first ran for alderman in 2011, Pawar is not running for reelection in 2019. In his 8 years as alderman, he has pushed many progressive policies including a $13 minimum wage,[1] an Office of Labor Standards,[2] and a universal basic income pilot.[3]

Pawar ran in the Democratic primary for governor in 2018, but dropped out because it was impossible to run in a race that set a record as the costliest in American history. He commented that, "For democracy’s sake, I hope we see this as a troubling trend."[4]

He is beloved in the 47th ward[5] and was voted “Best Alderman” by the Chicago Reader.[6][7] He is seeking to replace Kurt Summers as city treasurer running on creating a public bank.[8] He served as the first Indian American and first Asian American on City Council.[9] He has raised money from unions, progressive organizations, and orgs like Asian American Action Fund of Greater Chicago, as well as from business and financial elites like William Hobert.[10]

Note: The People's Lobby endorsed Matt Martin for 47th ward alderman.